Instagram gets seven messaging features

Instagram is getting seven new messaging features, including the option to continue browsing while replying to a message or Direct Message (DM) on the app. Here’s a quick look at all the new features.

First, users will be able to stay on their Feed and reply to messages without having to go to the inbox. Earlier, replying to a DM inevitably meant that one would have to go back and forth during a browsing session. The new feature makes it “easier and more convenient to chat while on the app,” as the company notes.

Users will also be able to quickly share a post with their friends by just “tapping and holding the share button.” The new feature will quickly show names of top friends you might have messaged in the past when you press and hold the ‘Share’ button on any post.

Instagram is also working on integrations with Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify, which will be coming soon. These will let users share a 30-second preview of a song they are listening to, and then their friends will be able to listen to it directly from the chat window as well.

There’s also a new option for sending messages quietly, without notifying friends late at night or when they’re busy by adding “@silent” in your message.

There’s also a new lo-fi chat theme to make your conversations feel more personal. Instagram is also adding the ability to create a poll in group conversations. The feature was part of Messenger and is now coming to Instagram’s group chat.

Instagram says these new features are available in select countries and the company plans to expand these globally over the coming weeks.